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Simple touch-friendly vector drawing editor

Vector drawing tool with nondestructive Boolean operations, smart shapes, gradient fills, shadows and so on built exclusively for tablets and hybrid devices on Windows 10. It’s ideal for the creation of all types of vector graphics and art for web and print: logo design, banners, sketches, marketing materials, icons, infographics, conceptual art and more. Thanks to XAML export option it's also unique drawing tool for Windows Store and WPF developers.

Built with touch and pen in mind. Aphalina Designer was developed from the ground for Windows 10 and hybrid devices such as Microsoft Surface to be equally usable on both tablets and desktop PC’s. The app natively supports all kinds of input devices: stylus, touch, mouse and keyboard.

Noise free UI. Nothing should stay between you and your work. We believe that all you need to be creative is a pen and a sheet of paper; UI should be hidden until you really need it. The screen space is super valuable on tablets and ultrabooks, so we put absolute minimum of UI control elements on the screen.

Simple – easy to learn, easy to use. Minimum tools, concepts and controls - just enough to get your design job done. Instead of trying to invent another all-in-one Swiss-army-knife drawing tool we removed everything that can prevent you from creating clean vector shapes.

State-of-the-art drawing and graphics editing capabilities

Unlimited undo\redo, move, resize, rotate, skew, grouping, layers. Linear, radial and image fills, opacity, opacity masks, shadow effects. Powerful spline shapes editor– everything you expect from vector graphics.

Nondestructive Boolean operations. You can edit parts later, switch Boolean effect off and on from the Layers panel, or convert result into editable curves at any moment.

Hand-draw shapes recognition. Fast shape recognition system – draw commonly used shapes with a pen.

Set of nondestructive smart shapes such as star, gear etc.. You can change shape settings at any moment by using smart handlers or convert to editable curves when you need it.

Share, print and export

Hi-quality SVG export and import. Preserve opacity masks, shadows effects etc.

Export to PNG and Jpeg.

Export to XAML. Both Windows Store and WPF Xaml dialects are supported. Supports gradient fills, opacity masks, shadow effects etc.

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